A book about a girl with no hair.

by Children's Alopecia Project


Fundraising for this Dream has ended.



Maddie - Teaching Tolerance with a Smile is a completed children's book that was created to help children living with all forms of the incurable autoimmune hair loss disease, alopecia. This book will help their confidence and to feel secure with themselves, despite their alopecia. Kids that have something that makes them different from other kids need to know that everyone is different and that it is okay to be unique and an original!!


I am Jeff Woytovich. I founded the Children's Alopecia Project when my 15 year old daughter lost all the hair on her body when she was 1 month into Kindergarten. She was just 5 years old.

The Children's Alopecia Project (CAP) helps any child with hair loss as we try to build self-esteem, provide support and raise awareness. This book will help us do that!


Printing and Publishing a book on your own is difficult and very expensive. We have a printer giving us a wonderful rate for printing the first 1000 copies, but we will need $3500. We estimate that we will need an additional $1500 for promotional marketing for the book and for book signings. The more we can raise above $5000 the more additional books we can make available to families!!


The children's book is completed; all we have to do is have it printed and published! So the sooner we raise the $5000 the faster this book will get into the hands of kids needing help! We have full support with the Author, Sean O'Brien and also with Sean's Illustrator, Melissa Rose. He wrote something special, she completed the art work and because of you, Sean will be able to get this book out to the kids and families that need it so badly!


We are based in Wyomissing, PA, which is half way between the State Capital of Harrisburg and our largest city, Philadelphia, but we have CAP Kids all around the world!!


SELF-ESTEEM!! It is the most important thing a child needs, and when you are a child with partial to full hair loss you need it even more! Thank you in advance for helping us to get this book published and in the hands of children with alopecia and their families.