One Card™ | Your digital business card.

by One Card


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When you know something is broke or there is a problem, doesn’t it drive you crazy until you figure out how to fix it? Fixing those things that drive you crazy is what we do. We believe that innovation happens by solving problems. And in some cases, solving problems that people never even realized they had. 



 What is the One Card™?

 The One Card™ is an interactive, digital business card that changes the way you communicate with your customers. The One Card™ works on smart phones, tablets and computers with NO APP required. The fact is, people don’t have time to go download an app to connect with your information. We made the digital handoff accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

When we created the One Card™, we asked ourselves what is the business card missing? How do you display multiple businesses? What about connecting people to multiple forms of social media? How can I get my customers to actually keep my information, without throwing it away? What is the environmental impact on all of the business cards being thrown away? What about a video greeting or my commercial? These are just a few of the problems that we solved with the One Card™.

Communication has changed. It’s not just about emails and phone numbers anymore. The One Card™ creates a digital hub that allows your customers to pick and choose how they communicate with you. With a few simple steps, they can have your One Card™ saved as an app on their smart phone or tablet for easy access and instant sharing. 

It’s time for your business card to evolve.



Where are we located?

QRPro is located in Nixa, Missouri, the hometown of Jason Bourne. Our community is amazing and they have taken an active role in providing local businesses with the resources they need. That is why we believe we can build a successful, community minded, tech company as opposed to moving to the coasts, where everyone thinks a technology start-up should be. We are very involved in the local community and actively taking leadership roles in the Chamber of Commerce as well as local tech organizations. 


One Card™ T-shirt


 Why One Card™ was created

Why are we still using business cards if we know they are ineffective. 10 billion business cards were printed last year and on average, 90% were thrown away. Even if you use recycled business cards, they are still manufactured and being thrown away, so it’s makes sense to not print any.

The fact is everything we do in business is digital. People don’t just connect through phone numbers and email anymore. What about Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Blogs, Mobile Websites, etc.


It's time to fire your business card. 



 Why we do, what we do.

We know what it’s like to work from 8 to 5, 6, or even midnight everyday and still feel like you’re getting no where. It is tough to be a small business and stay afloat, much less remain profitable. Working with small business professionals has shown us that they will do whatever it takes to keep their dream alive. It is this dedication and passion that inspires us to create tools that will help you accomplish that goal. We offer easy-to-use affordable services to help businesses take advantage of the newest technologies to grow. When companies grow, jobs are created and we want to play a big part.


Why we need your support.

Over the last year of having our company up and running, we’ve seen growth, but have come to the realization that we need more capitol to move to the next level. It has proved to be difficult to receive money from a small business loan or venture capitalist. 

With your support, the first thing we will do is create more jobs by hiring multiple developers and customer support. With this staff we will be able to create much better products and services to better serve you. For example, one of those products is an iOS and Android app that will be a virtual rolodex for all of your One Card™ connections. We will also be working on an upgraded directory that will make it easier to be found.

 We are a small business that has put our time, money and sweat into making our products and services the best they can be to better help you. If you believe in helping others reach their dreams, then partner with us as we change the way we do business.


Thanks for your support!

- Jeremy, Josh and Aaron