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Our goal is to bring the best coffee in the world to the United States while helping our African brothers and sisters.  To this end if we are blessed enough to win the crowdit challenge we will donate the entire $10,000 to Lifesong for Orphans to benefit Christ centered orphan care in Ethiopia.  

Want to know more about us...

Hello! Our Name is…Axumite Trading Co. (don’t be fooled that we have it all together; we just made that up) and we are two average families from the Midwest with a passion for the people and products of Ethiopia, especially To.Mo.Ca coffee. 

Note: This is not the coffee that you drink by yourself, in your car, on the way to work. This is the coffee that you make in your home, for your best friend. This is what you drink while you share your life.

Somewhere In Africa…

See, when you go to Ethiopia, as we have been privileged to do while adopting our three amazing children, they take you to this coffee shop. It’s not just any coffee shop, it’s THE coffee shop in Addis Ababa (the capitol city). It’s called To.Mo.Ca. {Toe-Moe-Ka`}  

To.Mo.Ca Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The coffee is transcendent (no, really, that’s the word). You drink your cup and immediately buy as many bags of coffee as you can fit in your suitcase. It is one of those perfect products you couldn't improve upon, probably because Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee (you are welcome, Trivial Pursuit players).

So one day after work we’re all together eating pizza and doing a little daydreaming (while the previously aforementioned children run screaming around the house).  

Chris: “What if you could secure the rights to distribute To.Mo.Ca. in the United States?”

Roger: “Oh, that would be awesome. Everybody loves that stuff. I bet they already have someone selling it here.”

Well, guess what? They don’t. Want to hear something even crazier? They’ve agreed to sell the exclusive distribution rights for the ENTIRE United States to us.

Not all Coffee is the Same (even in ET)…

There are some things in life that should never be rushed, coffee being one of them. This is a slow roasted blend to bring out a fuller flavor and stronger aroma. It’s a traditional process that takes a little longer, but it’s well worth the wait. It is a unique blend that combines sweetness, bitterness, and body that is needed to make the perfect cup of coffee. The blend itself is a closely guarded secret, but trust us when we say it is distinct in flavor and unlike any other coffee when brewed at full strength. Speaking of which, it is served at To.Mo.Ca in a demi cup (a.k.a. legit) and should also be experienced as a macchiato (the real kind, not what you get at Starbucks).

And the Fans Say…

"Must say, the coffee is indeed exquisite! Best we’ve ever tasted!"

"My American friends love their coffee. We always stop here when visiting Ethiopia and buy enough coffee to fill up an entire checked bag. You can’t beat To.Mo.Ca!"

"Wow! Coffee as it’s supposed to be. Simply put, it’s like heaven on earth."

Not all Coffee Companies are the Same...

As I may have mentioned we are the very, very lucky parents of three (soon to be four) children from Ethiopia.  The experience of becoming adoptive parents has left us with a passion for Ethiopia, specifically orphan care in Ethiopia.  It is for this reason that we are donating 10% of all revenues (not profits) directly to organizations caring for orphans on the ground in Ethiopia.  

Our Ethiopian partners (literally they own part of the company) are also doing their part. The ToMoCa Coffee Company based in Addis Ababa runs a charitble foundation that does wonderful work by Ethiopians for Ethiopians.

Here’s Where You Come In…

We’ve run businesses, we’ve distributed products, and we know how to launch this brand and to do it as cost effectively as possible. But for this thing to work, for us to introduce a new blend of amazing coffee to the American consumer, we have to have a movement!  We need your financial help, we need your Twitter feed, we need your friends, your family, and your co-workers to know about us.  We need you to invest and then spread the word! Our initial capital needs are pretty modest but really important to the success of Axumite.  

We need to raise $10,000 to cover the costs of forming our company (lawyers, accountants, and bears...oh my!), to purchase our initial inventory from Ethiopia (not cheap to fly coffee halfway around the world, but oh so worth it), to set up our web-based retail operation and all the other expenses related to setting up shop from staplers to postage which all totaled will easily equal the fundraising goal.  If we are blessed enough to raise any additional funds we will use that money to launch "phase 2".  I'm really not supposed to talk about this yet, but "phase 2" involves deploying our amazing sales team (our Kung Fu is strong) to establish relationships with specialty retailers and begin the process of bringing the best coffee in the world to your block. Don't worry, we are keeping our day jobs and working for free, so every dime goes to launching the brand. We believe in this brand!

The iconic and soon to be famous "Ethiopia Joe"!

What’s In It For YOU? 

This answer has three parts: 1) This is an amazing product (transcendent, remember?) that deserves exposure to the American consumers who just happen to be the highest per-capita coffee consumers in the whole world. 2) Our company will benefit the people of Ethiopia.  With a sincere desire to stay true to the heritage of this brand and to see To.Mo.Ca. prosper in Ethiopia, we have sold an equity stake in Axumite to our Ethiopian partners.  We value their essential input into our vision for the brand in the U.S. and welcome the opportunity to share the rewards of our successful launch with them.  Our partnership with To.Mo.Ca. will support the Ethiopian economy and create jobs.  3) Once Auxumite is up and running, we will use our retail operation to bring fair trade products from Ethiopia to the U.S. market, providing much needed sources of income to a country where nearly 80% of the population survive as subsistence farmers. 

Just One More Thing… 

This will work......with your support both monetarily and by spreading the message to all your friends, family members, acquaintances, co-workers, and random people you meet on the street. We would love nothing more than to build a company that not only provides a market for a wonderful product, but also honors and gives back to our children’s birth country.   

A Round of Applause, Please…

You are an integral part of this process and our success. Your monetary support means that we can bring amazing coffee to this cup-of-joe loving culture. This means more conversations will happen and more memories will be made (pat yourself on the back). Your word-of-mouth marketing means that you believe in the promise of the product, the idea of helping to support those less fortunate, or you are related to us in some way. Thank you, whatever your reasons are. We are passionate people that love our children with all our hearts, and part of our hearts now reside in Ethiopia with their people. We can’t eradicate poverty, stop wars, or banish disease, but we can bring the world’s best coffee to America. And perhaps, just perhaps, that will help to make the world a better place.

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY! Seriously, we know you are busy, so if you like what you read or see and want to send us feedback, we welcome it. Tell us how to be better, how much you love our coffee, or that you are experiencing the privilege of raising Habesha children too! Whatever it is, we welcome your enthusiasm and your input. 



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