Cyber disaster movie based on a real event coming in 2014

by veteransdayweekend
Wichita, KS
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Veteransdayweekend Movie about the future and cyber events

This is a story that is based on a real event in the future.  Few have seen this vunerability that has a potential to force ordinary working people to decide between their families and their job.  Their decisions and actions will create a possible destruction of our infrastructure and could mask an unimaginable plot.

I have spent years adding voluntary extra days to the Veterans Day Federal Holiday so as to capture a weekend and allow several days to recognize the benefits of freedom that our veterans and families give to our Country.  In 2011, 2012 and 2013 this has been an elected activity with many activites with veterans and their families as guests for activities of celebration in many venues including hikes, meals, sporting events and other demonstrations that the kids will see that our Country is thankful to them as well.  In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 there will be a series of Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday the 100th anniversary of WW1.  The joy and acts of extreme kindness will continue...BUT

In 2014 Veteransdayweekend will feature a Tuesday Holiday.  It happened in 2003, 2008, and will not happen again till 2031.  Schools will close so will many offices.  It offers a time to gain a possible 4 day chance for a family trip, if you can get off on MONDAY.  The C-suite executives and managers will want to travel as well, maybe overseas.  So, many hard working employees will be faced with being bumped and working on Monday thereby missing a trip with the family.  They will be DISGRUNTLED.  They may choose mischief or harm to the company.  A malware could be allowed into the system.  Seemingly small these acts can create confusion and harm.  And, they could mask a Nation-State attack on our Country when we are least prepaired and short handed.  They might choose a Holiday themed as MILITARY and celebrated in the UNITED STATES to make their dreadful point.  The Wall Street Portesters will have new reasons to also consider physical harm to cell towers, undersea cables or sattelite dishes to disrupt communications.  That could allow for a larger unseen takedown of our utilities for some time.  All this could begin on Thursday with a spoof on the Stock Exchange with a massive sell off on Friday facing a 4 day Holiday with attacks possible. 

     We could be least ready when we should be most ready to repel this possible event, so a movie is the best way to present this dramatically to show what could occur and why we should plan now to avoid it

I have 40 Department of Homeland Security / FEMA Certifications and am President of Initial Vision in Wichita, Kansas; My BGS is in Economic Geography and Environmental Studies; This will be a movie first and I need the support of a wise American Public and the best technical movie people to make this happen in time to be ready; The top stars in the Movie Industry are requested to make this their priority and help save this Nation from a pending disaster to us all.

The plot will involve a family seperated by a parent forced to work while the family travels to visit veterans in a group home.  The country goes dark and the skills of the veterans are used to reunite the family and prevent a secret plot to overthrow the Government by demonstrating to young soldiers their valor learned from service to our Nation.  It will involve horse scenes and the final heroes will be disabled but heroic veterans that continue to deserve our thanks.

The movie technicals will depend upon the response from any dedicated professionals that are willing to see that this movie is a success, there by stopping a possible disasterious outcome that could be real.  There will be a year of time to achieve this, if the right dedicated Americans rise up and want to make a difference.


The why lies in your hearts and minds.  We cannot let our enemies gain an advantage that could be the Pearl Harbour that was warned of in cyber terms.  This is the number one threat to do massive damage and leave us in the stone age.  The simple acts of a few supported by a dedicated and invested population can create a positive history, demonstrate the heroes our veterans are and save a Nation that is free, safe and securely strong.  Your donation in support of this is what will make the difference.