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Golf is the largest grossing sport in the world played by more than 50 million people. Every day and night millions of men and women go to their local driving range, buy a bucket of balls and swing away. I want to reinvent this concept. I believe we can take the boring old driving range to a whole new market. I propose building a driving range that combines the range with a Dave & Busters atmosphere. Food, fun, games, drinks, friends and of course, golf. Replace the bowling in the bowling alley with a driving range and there you go! The project will be spearheaded by myself, Marcelo D. Mills and my partner, Matthew Dobson. I have a background in finance and business, currently in the banking industry. Matt has a background in finance and property, currently pre-law. We are both avid golfers and spend thousands a year golfing and visiting the driving range. We are not rich by any means. But we are addicted to the sport and there are millions just like us. How great would it be to get a bucket, bring our girls, enjoy a nice fun dinner and swing away? Computerized target golf games, an arcade and a kickin' kitchen to serve up some mean burgers and wings? A cool bar, with great wait staff and lots of TV's. This idea is scalable and can turn into an amazing franchise opportunity in the future. We are prepared to launch this concept within the next six months and can have the doors open within 12 months. We have identified a location in our area of Orange County, California that is already a driving range, for sale and has more than enough real estate to make this work. We are offering our start up investors free access to all facilities FOR LIFE! You will receive a special membership that allows you to walk into any location and enjoy free games and golf for as long as you're around! We believe in this concept and should we get to a point where we can franchise our concept, we will offer you, our start up investors, first dibs on franchise locations.