CrossFit Gym for Cave Creek, AZ

by Joel G


Fundraising for this Dream has ended.


Welcome to the Dream World

Being trapped in the confines of a monotonous corporate job, I find myself day dreaming often. Dreaming of a better life that lets me spend my days doing the thing I love most; helping people live a healthier, happier life. The CrossFit community has showed me that my quality of life is directly linked to the people I surround myself with. And I have never felt more like a part of something bigger than myself than when working out with my CrossFit cohorts.


Who am I?

My name is Joel, and I have been an avid CrossFitter for over a year now.  After about 6 month of CrossFit experience I made the decision to get my Level 1 Certification to train other people. I knew at this point that this was my calling, it was an idea, a concept, a lifestyle that I was going to be a part of in every way I could.  Starting a CrossFit gym in the city of Cave Creek, Arizona would allow me to eat and sleep the sport of fitness while building an amazing community of athletes from all walks of life.

Right now I find myself intertwined in the world of corporate America and I would love nothing more than to free up those 8-10 hours a day to show people the power of community and fitness on the human spirit.



What is my dream exactly?

My dream is to open the first CrossFit gym in the city of Cave Creek, Arizona.  Cave Creek is a very close knit community North of Phoenix. It is a very family oriented and wholesome community that already exhibits the spirit of CrossFit at its finest.

Why isn’t there a CrossFit gym in Cave Creek already?

Commercial real estate in Cave Creek is limited to retail and office space. If you’re familiar with how CrossFit gyms are generally set up, you would know that they are typically housed in industrial warehouse spaces that have a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, lower overhead than that of a retail space. So the barrier to entry seems to be cost.

How are you going to overcome this cost barrier?

With the help of I believe we can not only break through this barrier of initial cost, but also build an amazing CrossFit community and foundation to grow upon.



How do you plan to use the money if successfully funded?

The funds raised here would be primarily spent to afford the build out of the new location as well as equipment for the community to use.


But what about the high overhead you mentioned before, will that be covered?

Unfortunately this funding will not cover the monthly overhead and expenses incurred from the daily operations of the gym. Fortunately, I have that part of the equation covered. I have tapped into my life savings to make this dream a reality and these funds will be set aside to cover all overhead expenses during the first 6 months of operations.


OK, so what type of equipment can I expect to see at the new CrossFit box?

I thought you would never ask! I plan to fully equip the gym to train up to 10 people at any given time. This will include a 24’ wall mounted pull up rig with squat racks and benches. 10 barbells, a lot of bumper plates, a lot of kettlebells, 2 GHD machines, 2 Concept2 rowers, 10 abmats, 6 multi height jump boxes, 5 pairs of wooden rings, 10 medicine balls, and no limits wall timer. Everything a CrossFitter needs to rock n’ roll.


Where is this CrossFit box going to be located?

I have narrowed down the location to a couple of choices, but I’m hesitant to list the exact location because the negotiations are ongoing and partially dependent upon the success of this funding project. What I can tell you is that it will be off of Cave Creek Rd between Dynamite Blvd and Carefree Hwy.


When will the new CrossFit box be opened?

If the funding here is successful, I have every intention of having our box opened by October-November. It is tough to nail down a specific date, but all believers will be updated with every step of the way.