by Rob Sandage
Decatur, IL


Fundraising for this Dream has ended.


 Hello my name is Robert Sandage and I am seeking assistance in raising money to make a film trailer that is 3 minutes long for a feature film.



Robert Sandage


I am a screenwriter looking for funding to make a 3 minute movie script for a feature film. I have been writing this for the last 4 years now and looking for help.

My dream is to make THE POSSESSION OF INNOCENCE into a movie.


Decatur, Illinois

Why I need the help to be able to make this into a movie.


the reason why I am doing this is to get a 3 minute pitch movie trailer made up to post on kick starter, YouTube, or any social media site to find a film company to pay door the movie script from me and make into a movie.


The plot of the movie. The devil hatches a plan to encase easy cubes into a rare jewel. That rare jewel is placed onto the crown of a engagement ring. The boyfriend is tricked into getting it. When he proposes to his girlfriend she accepts his proposal and is possessed by a succubus claiming souls for the devil.